5 Ways To Improve Your Website

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Ways To Improve Your WebsiteThere was a time years ago that one of the best way to improve your website was to – just have a web site. As long as long as people had a PC to gain access to the internet. That was sufficient enough for business owners to ensure their online presence – end of story.

However modern technology has improved at such an alarming rate. The development of smart phones and tablet devices are now playing a big part of everyday life. So to now succeed within the business world, you need to embrace it and move with the times.

But despite those advances in technology, some businesses don’t seem to be reaping in the benefits in terms of more sales and customer acquisition. If you feel that you find your business in this situation maybe it’s time to take a good look at the current state of your website.

It doesn’t matter how big or how small your business may be. The simple fact of the matter is that if you want your business to flourish in these new times, your website will need to move with those times as well.

A business website needs to work a lot harder for you in this day and age. It maybe the case that your website is outdated, neglected, or just simply poorly designed. This could be potentially costing you thousands in lost revenue every single month. If your business is suffering and you’re not quite sure why, maybe your website could be to blame?

So before you start crying into your beer, here’s 5 ways to improve your website which can make a big difference and generate more revenue.


1. Your Site Needs To Have A Clear Call To Action.

Simply put, if you don’t have calls to action you are going to lose the majority of your potential audience.

One of the best ways of actually getting what you want is to ask for it. In simple terms, that is essentially exactly
what a “call to action” is.

By incorporating a strong call to action on your site, you are encouraging, or even to directing your customers towards exactly what it is that you would like them to do once they have finished browsing your services and/or products. Exactly what you require them to do will of course depend on what your business is all about.

For example, do you want them to sign up for a free trial? If so, a simple hyperlink linking to the “free trial” page, with the text ‘Click here for your free trial” is all that you need to do. Other calls to action could include:

  • Contact Us Now
  • Find Out More
  • Request A Demo
  • Sign Up
  • Subscribe
  • Free Quotation

If you really want your website to turn those online visitors into customers then some form of call to action is a must!


2. The Layout Of Your Website Needs To Be More User-Friendly.

On average, a new visitor to your website only spends six seconds evaluating whether to stay on your site or to click the back button and go somewhere else. If your website’s most important information is not immediately visible above the fold, then there is a pretty good chance it’s not being seen.

You should think about what you want each page to say. Then look for ways of saying it using as minimal text as possible. Hey, if your budding Bill Shakespeare and have a knack for writing, that’s great. That’s what your blog is for.

But most of your potential customers will be visiting your website to browse your products and services, not to read long walls of text. They want to be able to find what they’re looking for as quickly and as easily as possible.

You’ll  also want to write up your content using a nice, easy-to-read font and include clear buttons and links. Also consider the way that your readers navigate around your website. So you’ll want to put your navigation menu in a clear and easy to find place, ensuring that it stands out.

At the end of the day there’s no need to be too clever. The whole idea of a good web design layout is to give visitors to your site that great user experience. Not only does your website have to look good but needs to feel good as well.


3. Hire The Services Of A Professional Web Designer.

Improve Your Website With Best Web Designer It may be the case that the best way to improve your website is to go for a major upgrade or create a new one from scratch. Of course there are a number of “create your own” websites out there that cost little to nothing at all. But it’s advisable to always hire a professional web designer to create your website.

A great website design can validate to consumers that your business is a legit and professional business. It can either boost your reputation or turn potential consumers away. If you intend save money to improve your website by doing it yourself, you could actually be losing potential customers, and in the end, losing money.

By taking design into their own hands, small business owners cause themselves more headaches  and risk by ending up with a poorly designed and planned out website.

As with most things in life you pay for what you get and web design is no different.

When you get help from website design experts, they can guide you in the best way to:

  • Lay out your website.
  • Design its navigation.
  • Improve its functionality.
  • Optimize for SEO.
  • Get customers to do what you want them to do.

However you do need to choose wisely. It’s easy for some designers to get ahead of themselves and impose their own style leaving you, the business owner out of the loop. A half decent designer should listen and learn about your business. So it should be regarded  as a partnership with the business owner. They should also offer regular communication during each step of the design process.

Also bear in mind that once the website goes live, that’s only the beginning. It needs to found online by your potential customers that’s why Tek Promotions offer a web design package with a difference!

Remember a website should be regarded as an investment for your business. After all your website is your No1 online asset. By doing your hiring a professional web designer, you ensure that you have somebody that knows what it takes to improve your website. So it looks contemporary, attractive, and allows customers to easily engage with your business.


4. Make Sure Your Website Is  Mobile-Friendly/Responsive.

Small Business Mobile Friendly Responsive WebsitesAs mentioned previously, smart phones and tablet devices are now extremely common. It’s estimated that the number of smartphone users in the world is expected to pass the 2.5 billion mark by 2019.

For that reason, more and more people are using these devices to browse the web, rather than laptops or computers. If your website isn’t mobile friendly then you need to rectify this issue NOW!! Not doing so will result in losing out on a lot of customers.

Websites that are not mobile friendly show up incredibly small on the screens of smart phones. They force the user to have to enlarge the text, to then scroll left, right, up and down. If there are any clickable tabs or links on the page, they often inadvertently get clicked by accident. This makes it extremely frustrating for the user.

To make matters worse Google take a dim view on websites not optimized for mobile. Any past gains your website made in the search rankings will quickly disappear as more websites go mobile.

To put it mildly even if your website provides the ideal solution to their problem, mobile users are not going to hang around spending 10 times as long as normal to simply read a few paragraphs. They will simply search for another alternative, namely one of your competitors with a mobile friendly website. Now you wouldn’t want that to happen. Would you?


5. Your Contact Information Is Hard To Find.

Contact Information On WebsiteStudies and expert research have both found that including your contact information on every single page of your website is the most effective way of maximizing your potential to increase and boost your sales.

Many businesses make the mistake of placing their contact information solely on their ‘contact us’ page, or sometimes not at all. Visitors don’t want to navigate through different pages just to find a telephone number or email address. Visitors want to be able to find what they’re looking for as quickly as possible.

You can easily eliminate any frustration by listing your business phone number, your operating hours and business email address. This would be normally situated at the top and bottom of every page.

Another obvious but often overlooked way of improving your website further is to include links to your social networking pages, containing your contact information. The easier you are to get hold of, the more likely you will be to land yourself extra leads, and sales.

Once you do have those social networking links created, you will then need to ensure they link back from your website. Linking to social networking pages is ideal because it allows you a way of keeping in touch with potential customers.

The more lines of communication you can open up in your website the more likely your visitors will engage with you.



As you can see, you can invest all the time and money you want into a website. But when it comes down to what your potential customers want, you need to strive for functionality. When designing and editing your website, it’s a great idea to really put yourself in your audiences’ shoes and see how using your website would feel to them.

By doing this and by considering the 5 points mentioned to improve your website, not only will you increase traffic, but you’ll also grow your customer base.


Thanks for reading – The Internet Marketing Bloke.

P.S  Google provide a mobile-friendly test tool which check to see if your website is optimized for mobile.

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