online marketing services consultant in dublin and rest of irelandEvery business whether large or small needs to advertise to survive. Many still use traditional forms of advertising such as newspapers, direct mail or phone directories. However the results tend to be disappointing. The vast majority of people now search the internet when they require the services of a local business. 

What's now become clear is that it's no longer sufficient for business owners to gain excellence their chosen profession. They now need to promote and market online. Hiring the services of a web designer would normally provide the solution to boost their online presence. 

But most web designers focus on producing beautiful websites that are pleasing to the eye. They don't see a website as a marketing tool that needs to convert traffic into sales. They may use some form of online marketing services. However it's just seen as an add on and give it less priority compared to their main design services. It means business owners are often left with a website that cannot be found online. This is simply not good enough!!


Hi I'm Noel Cooke the founder of Tek Promotions, a web marketing agency based in the Midlands. We provide online marketing services specifically for small business owners throughout Ireland and beyond, boosting their online presence.

I worked as an IT Consultant in London and moved to Ireland with my family in 1999. Due to personal reasons I had to give up my career to bring up my four children. In 2013, with the children requiring less full-time care, I started my own business. It specialized in building mobile friendly websites for small and local businesses.

However, it became clear that the industry was moving towards responsive design technology. As a result my service became obsolete, leaving the business at a dead end.

However, despite that failure I learnt a lot just by talking to business owners. Their main frustration was that search engines could not detect their website. This left them with a badly optimized website, buried in a cyber graveyard.

I also realized that they didn't really know how to market their business online properly. Even if they had some knowledge, it would take up so much of their time and resources. This would have a big impact on the day to day running of their business.

Therefore I put together a small team with the same vision as myself to help and solve this problem. Our online marketing services  eliminates the headache of having to do it themselves and free up their valuable time and focus on running their business. .

In 2017  Tek Promotions was created.


Rather than build websites from scratch like everyone else, Tek Promotions offer a website redesign service instead. We work with businesses that currently have a dated and underperforming website. We will take that website and give it a fresh, modern and more professional look.

But having an attractive website is only half the battle to gain an internet presence. As part of our service, we mainly focus on redesigning our websites to be found online!

We do this through a combination of online marketing techniques such as Website Promotion, Social Media, Online Advertising and Blogging.

As well as offering online marketing services, we also set out to educate business owners on the merits of  online marketing. We provide some great information on our resources page as well as our blog. We also provide a free online magazine that all business owners can subscribe to regardless of what profession they're in.

   By educating business owners, they will become more informed (and more savvy) on which online marketing techniques can benefit their business on the internet.

Our aim is quite simple. To help your businesses succeed by redesigning and promoting your website, ensuring that it gets found online, generating more sales, leads and customers.

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Most web designers are good at what they do. They can build fantastic eye catching websites. But the problem is that they are digital artists not marketers. Another issue that is that there are many business owners that have a website that has been neglected, outdated and simply not optimized for the search engines.

Designing a website is one thing but for that website to generate revenue takes a special set of skills. People are not searching for pretty websites, they are looking for solutions to their problems or issues. For a website to be successful, it needs to provide that ideal solution to their problem. So an online marketing strategy needs to be put in place which turns visitors to your website into customers.

That's where Tek Promotions comes in.

We believe that your website is your company's most important digital asset. So it should be the centre of your online marketing strategy. It's the first place people turn to when searching for information about your services.

No one knows the aims and ideals of your business more than you do. So from your feedback we can quickly identify what you want your website to achieve, the type of people you want your website to attract and what sets your business apart from your competitors.

We then set about building a profile of your ideal customers. What their main concerns and frustrations are as well as the search terms they use when they go online.

Once we have all that information, it is then AND ONLY THEN that we begin the redesign process for your website, based on the needs of your customers.

This ensures the right people will FIND your website then TRUST your business enough to CHOOSE YOU above your competitors.

   At the end of the day we endeavor to help you find what your business really needs RESULTS!! in the form of form of sales, leads, and customers. Our mix of solid know how, attention to detail and enthusiasm ensures that you will get those results.

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Contact us today to find out more about how our online marketing services can reach those customers on the internet and take your business to the next level.