We want to ensure every success for your business. We will not only build you a fantastic website but will actively promote it online for 6 months. This will be through a combination our organic SEO/Social Media services. We will also run an online Press Release campaign to really get your business noticed. This whole package comes in at 1750 +VAT.

  When you consider that our SEO/Social Media services costs 350 +VAT  per month and an online Press Release costs 500 +VAT, that's a saving of 2600. We want to make sure we don't leave you in the lurch once your website becomes active. That's just our way off saying thanks for placing your faith in us.



Maybe I am but there is a method to my madness. Although we are a new agency compared to our established rivals, it does have it's benefits. It makes us highly motivated and committed to do an amazing job for your business. We simply want to prove how good we really are and over deliver in the process.

All I ask from you is that once you start seeing great results from our efforts, you can provide a testimonial that I can use and introduce to other business owners.

At the end of the day the internet is full of chancer's offering promises that fail to deliver. This makes it difficult to find out who to really trust. I could have easily tried to over exaggerate and make false claims but I really do believe that honesty and transparency is the best policy. I'm looking for the long term goal rather than making a quick buck.

I don't see myself as a Digital Marketing guru. I'm just an ordinary bloke with a great knowledge and enthusiasm for Digital Marketing, working down in the trenches, starting my own business just like you guys and girls are doing. I'm sure you would agree that the difficult part of starting any business is to gain credibility and trust.

So to do that I need social proof in the form of testimonials and case studies that I can put on my own website. That is the short term goal for my own company, Tek Promotions.



Maybe your an established business that's been online for quite a few years. However you may find your website listed way down the search rankings compared to your competitors.

Don't worry, because part of our consultation process provides you with a free audit of your website. This will identify areas on where your website needs to improve.

It may become the case that your website may need a complete re-design or just a few tweeks here and there. Whatever the outcome, we wont charge you for any amendments you don't need. All advice is given our consultations are done in a friendly and helpful manner. 

If you sign up to our SEO service, we will also combine it with our Social Media Service at no extra charge.  

Rest assured that if you do decide to come onboard, we wont tie you into a binding contract. If you feel that are we not a good fit for your business then that's fine. Even after the first month of signing up you're free to walk away no harm done.


Contact us today and see if we can boost your business online.