Pay Per Click Services

Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising.

If you want to give your business immediate search engine visibility then our Pay Per Click Services can provide the answer. This can be ideal for a small business or start up to get established online quickly especially if they are in a more competitive industry.Pay Per Click Services using Google Adwords

Google’s Adwords platform is by far the most popular followed by Bing and Yahoo. They give preferential listings within their search results page over their natural or organic search results for particular keywords.


Why Use Pay Per Click.

Your business may already have a great website, that has relevant content, fully optimized for search results. However this can take time for your website to gain a top ranking in the organic search results.

This is where the power of Pay Per Click (PPC) comes into play. PPC provides one of the most effective ways to get your business on the first page of Google.

The idea is to create an ad containing a compelling message that will drive relevant traffic to your website and encourage users to click. Given that they’re already searching for your product or service, that traffic converts into leads and sales.


How does PPC Work?

Before the internet, most small businesses would normally turn to newspapers and yellow pages to gain any exposure. PPC Platforms like Google Adwords now offer so many options for business owners over traditional print media. Here is a general overview of how PPC can benefit small business.


Make The Most of Mobile with PPC.

There’s no getting away from the fact that more and more people are conducting their online activity on their mobile devices. In fact mobile search on the internet overtook desktop search way back in 2014. So there is an excellent chance that your potential customers are already there ready to buy your product or service.

The beautiful thing about Google Adwords is that you can specifically target those mobile users and run a Call-Only campaign. So a business can still potentially have some form of online presence even if they don’t have a website.

Call-Only campaigns make it easy for businesses to reach their potential customers by prominently showing their phone number, business description but more crucially a call button when people are searching. These ads are designed specifically to generate calls.

This type of campaign would be ideal for businesses that offer some kind of emergency service like plumbers, locksmiths and car breakdown recovery.

Other businesses such as restaurants, taxi firms, hairdressers, dentists and other businesses that requires the caller to make a booking would also be suitable too.Mobile PPC For Small Business - Call only campaigns

For the caller there is no need to memorize the phone number. They just tap the call button on the mobile device and the connection is made. Good for them but more importantly good for the business.

So if you are looking to drive more phone calls to your business, a Call-Only campaign could well be the way to go for your business.



How we can Help.

There’s no doubt that Google AdWords is a quick and effective way to market your business online. However it needs to done correctly in order to achieve a  successful campaign.

Our Pay Per Click services can give immediate results and quick returns. Above all we provide your business with a suitable strategy that drives the right click to the right ad at the right time.

We can create ads for specific search terms that only appear on a potential customer’s screen. Whenever they search for a product or service your small business offers. We manage everything so you don’t have to worry about it at all.


Our PayPer Click Services – 6 step approach.

1. Keyword Research & Analysis.
We select the best keywords that drive relevant traffic. In addition we also analyze and research your customers to ensure you’re targeting the right keywords that indicate buyer intent.

2. Adwords Campaign Set-Up.
We will set up your ad account with the right ad structure to build custom campaigns targeted to your  business. This is based on the data gathered during the research and analysis phase. The aim? To attract the maximum profitable traffic to your site at the lowest possible cost.

3. Conversion Tracking Set-Up.
We provide conversion tracking that focus on the campaign’s positive impact to your business. Our campaigns provide conversion data that identifies which phrases and ads are resulting in enquiries and sales.

4. Ad Creation.
We match the right ad to the right audience. Each ad text and graphic is tested to target high intent customers.

5. Ongoing Optimization.
We test monitor and optimize every ad to get the best results. After launching your targeted ads it’s time to track conversions, analyze traffic, and present reports. We closely monitor the searches triggering your ads. The result for your business? A campaign that gets more efficient over time.

6. Reporting & Analysis.
We present reports including a set-up report, regular performance reports, analytics monitoring & recommendations. Equally important are the tools and knowledge to track every important statistic in your campaign.



What you need to know.

Although our Pay Per Click services offer a quicker alternative to gain high rankings in Google, we believe it should only be seen as temporary measure. This is due due to the extra expense incurred.

As a small business or startup we are very much aware that you may be on a limited budget. With this in mind, we would recommend combining a short term PPC Campaign to get initial online exposure together with our long term SEO strategy.

This allows you to not only see immediate results but also build long lasting relationships with the search engines. So over the long term you will still gain relevant traffic to your website.

To sum up, a PPC campaign will help you gain targeted visitors to your website quickly until your organic SEO rankings improve.


Want to find out more about how our Pay Per Click Services can take your business to another level? Contact us now for your free consultation.