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small business social media strategyGrow your business with Social Media.

Tek Promotions offer small business social media strategies, resulting in greater online visibility. Social media has now become the new word of mouth.

This makes it possible for your business to potentially reach millions of customers with the click of a button. However to get the best out of  social media it’s essential to know how to leverage these platforms.

As a small businesses owner, you may have a limited advertising budget, compared to your larger established competitors. Nevertheless a small business social media strategy can serve as an ideal platform to create a level playing field.

As a result you can effectively promote your brand online without draining your advertising budget.


Social Media Cannot be Ignored Anymore.

Any business that doesn’t make use of social media to reach and engage with customers online will be left behind. In fact it should form part of your overall online marketing strategy as well as an extension of SEO.

By incorporating small business social media techniques into your digital marketing strategy your business will be able to:

•  Raise awareness of your brand and build an audience.
•  Generate new leads, customers, sales.
•  Boost your rankings in the search engines.
•  Create relationships and gain trust with your customers and prospects.
•  Increase the flow of traffic to your website.
•  Communicate directly and instantly with your customers.

Small business social media platforms

However few startups and small business owners understand how to maximize the benefits of social media.

Moreover the process from turning followers into leads and eventually customers needs to be handled correctly.

For this reason, Tek Promotions offer a social media management service. We can help build an audience, optimize social media profiles and post content regularly.

Our aim is to ensure that any content produced on your social media pages link back to your website. Consequently, this will build more visibility and traffic, providing an added SEO benefit to your website.

In effect we ensure your social media presence is consistent and relevant to your audience. By having a strong social media presence, you can promote your business as being reliable, credible and trustworthy.



Which social media platform to choose?

A small businesses social media strategy doesn’t need to go on every single platform. It all depends the type of business, target audience and goals that you have set for your business.

In particular there are four major social media platforms that the majority of businesses go for:



Small business social media strategy using Facebook

Facebook has become the best way to reach out to new potential customers. In fact, with around 2 billion users Facebook becomes your first port of call. It’s also the most credible platform.

Furthermore, Facebook provides a huge opportunity for small business owners to build relationships and interaction by sharing relevant content.

Find out why small business need a facebook page.




Small business social media strategy using TwitterTwitter is the ideal platform to get your message out. For example, promote a new product, offer a special deal, or announce an upcoming event.

If one-on-one customer engagement is important to your business, Twitter should be a key part of your social media strategy.

Find out more about why small businesses can benefit from Twitter.




Small business social media strategy using YouTubeAs the world’s second largest search engine, publishing a video on YouTube video can be a powerful way to promote your business. Ultimately this makes it an ideal platform to boost visibility and credibility of your business.

Additionally, people simply love watching videos, compared to reading text based content. This results in better engagement with audiences looking for your product or service.

Find out how to use YouTube to market your business effectively.



Small business social media strategy using Google PlusGoogle+ has now established itself as the second largest social network. However it still comes a poor second to Facebook when it comes to reach and engagement.

Nevertheless Google+ is probably the most business friendly social network. That’s because the various features built into the platform has a significant impact on SEO.

For this reason alone, having a fully optimized business page on Google+ can really improve local search visibility.


In addition, other social media platforms for businesses to consider include LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest.

Although there are many platforms to choose from, we should be able to determine which platforms are suitable for your own small business social media strategy.


What’s included in our small business social media package.

There are many businesses that may have a head start by having a social media presence. Despite this, many of these social media profiles are either incomplete, inaccurate or simply not updated.

This is usually down to the fact that you really need to put in the time and effort to gain any long term benefit. Managing Social Media doesn’t need to be complicated and it can be achievable. But small businesses owners tend to give up because they don’t have the time to really commit to social media.

Tek Promotions offer a small business social media package that is customized and tailored according to your specific needs.

Here’s what’s included:

  • Social media audit.
  • Fully optimized business Facebook Page.
  • Account creation & optimization(Up to 2 extra Social Media Accounts).
  • Relevant content specifically chosen for your business.
  • Scheduled  posting. 
  • Follower growth(promoting your pages at a local and national level).
  • Monthly Reporting.
  • No long term contract cancel any time.

By signing up to our social media service we can take a load off your shoulders so you can focus on running your business more effectively.


Still not convinced…..?



To sum up, social media is the ideal platform to position yourself as the expert in your chosen industry. If you come across as the go to guy or girl in your industry then they are more likely to trust your business over your competitors.

The aim is to build up an audience that will share your posts that are interesting or entertaining. The more you can engage with your customers through social media, the more they will get to know, like and trust your business.

Consequently, when they finally make that buying decision, they’re liable to CHOOSE YOUR BUSINESS over yourSmall business social media platforms competitors. Just bear in mind it takes time!


Social Media is not going to disappear. Join the social media revolution today!


Contact us now and let us start building a Social Media presence for your business.