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Publishing Small Business videos on YouTube is a very effective way to showcase your product or service in front of potential customers. This is down to the to the volume of searches. On YouTube alone, there are over 5 billion video views every single day in so far in 2017!

If you create a YouTube channel for your business, you can easily tap into a mass of potential prospects and customers as so many videos are watched daily, and they can be shared easily with a simple link.



Not only is Youtube the number one video source online, it’s also the second largest search engine after Google.
So let me ask you a question. Would you rather spend 2 minutes reading a block of text or 2 minutes watching a video on the same subject? It has to be video of course, simply due to the fact that people just enjoy watching videos end of story.

Inserting videos can do your website the world of good and can turn a dull site full of text, into a more user friendly
experience. People are liable to hang around much longer, viewing your videos on your website. Google recognize this as they regard time spent on a website as a key ranking ranking factor. This will give your website an SEO boost as a result.

In my particular case I could list the many benefits of small business video marketing. But why should I when you can simply click this video.



As you can see its a lot easier on the eye and saves me a ton of work.

But leveraging Youtube goes far beyond the influence of Youtube search.

Youtube videos can have a powerful baring on your business being found on Google itself. Not only do people love video but Google loves video too!

In fact it’s quite possible for a business to have a well optimized promotional video, containing relevant keywords to
gain a top ranking even though the actual business website is nowhere near the first page of Google.

By inserting a link back to your website as well as your contact information in the video description, you’ve effectively put one over your established competitors. That’s the beauty and power of Youtube.Create Small Business Videos using YouTube

So if you’ve been struggling to rank your website for certain keywords, video can help you achieve better rankings because video rankings are less competitive, yet is a key factor to a websites overall ranking.

YouTube videos are also very easy to share online. So the more shares you get, translates into more views of your video. By distributing YouTube videos on other popular social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+, your are creating more exposure to your business online.



When you use YouTube to promote your business, the quality of the content has to be either relavant, informative, educational and entertaining. So the type of videos that people want to watch and share should be.

  • How-to videos
  • Product demonstrations
  • Instructional videos
  • Behind-the-scenes-type videos
  • Testimonial Videos

But whatever you do, don’t turn your videos into direct advertisments. You need to realize, that your Youtube audience are there to be entertained or educated. They’re certainly not in buying mode so you’re liable to irritate them if you start selling to them.

But what you will gain is not just more attention, but more trust and credability for your business. They also
establish you as an expert and authority in your own particular field.

This humanizes your business, and makes it come across as approachable, professional and helpful.

There are other video websites as well as YouTube in which to upload your small business videos. The best of them include Viddler, Metacafe and Dailymotion. So it would be very beneficial to use these platforms to give your videos maximum exposure.




Many popular videos produced by small businesses and entrepreneurs typically have some or all of the following traits and production elements:

• The video is short and to the point. Try to keep your videos between 1 – 3 minutes in length.

• Enure what the video is about within the first few seconds and what it offers are quickly and clearly explained to the viewer.

• A call to action is included in the video near the very beginning, and then repeated several times within the video,
including near the very end.

• The video somehow incorporates business name,address,telephone number and website URL.

• The content of the video is unique and tries to set itself apart from the other videos on YouTube.

• The video offers information that the viewer perceives as useful, informative, entertaining, highly engaging,
educational or relevant to what they’re looking for, want or need.

• The title of the video is appropriate, descriptive and straight to the point. When someone sees the video’s title, they
immediately have a good idea what the video is about. The video should also contain a carefully worded description in the video description box as well as a carefully selected group of relevant tags and keywords.


To give you an idea of what makes a successful video. Check this out from the Dollar Shave Club.



Now you may have been put off creating videos for your business thinking that they can be expensive and time consuming. Like most things that are new to you, just keep it simple to begin with.

I suggest that you make small ‘info videos’.Basically a video containing a series of PowerPoint slides that are sequenced together. You can also add images, music and even a voice over to enhance the video.

Alternatively, sites such as Animoto and Nawmal can provide the tools to create decent promotional small business videos online. Once created they can be reuploaded to YouTube as well as other video sites.

As long as the content of your video matches the keywords typed in by the viewer, then there’s an excellent chance that Google will award your website with a higher ranking.

For example if your chosen keyword or phrase is ‘Wedding Venues Dublin’ you must make those keywords specific to the video. Don’t deviate! Keep it relevant! and get straight to the point.

If you’re still unsure and need more advice feel free to get in touch. Hopefully we will be able to put you in the right direction and will even help to create and optimize your videos if time is an issue .



Youtube provides a fantastic opportunity for business owners who want to use video marketing to reach a wider audience and attract more customers to their website.

Having your own small business videos on your very own Youtube channel that are liked and shared by your audience could well become one of your greatest online assets.

So if you’re someone who is offering products and services and not yet utilizing the power of Youtube to promote your business then you could be missing out on the MASSIVE potential market on YouTube. This makes video a worthwhile investment for your business


Thanks for reading(and watching) – The Internet Marketing Bloke.

P.S If you happen to repair bikes for a living this video might give you a few ideas – Enjoy!

It' Good To Share!

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