Website Redesign Services

website redesign services for small business and start upsWebsite Redesign Services For Small and Local Business.

Tek Promotions offer specialized website redesign services specifically for small business owners. Your website shouldn’t be viewed as just another business expense but an investment. The ultimate online marketing tool for your business.

But it maybe the case that you you may feel that your website could do with a fresh and modern look that will enhance your online presence and attract more visitors. That’s the main reason business owners would look to revamp their current website.

But our website redesign services goes much further than just looks. Our websites are redesigned with one aim in mind:- To get found on the internet and turn those online visitors into paying customers.

It all begins by building a partnership by knowing as much as we can about your business, it’s aims, goals and what makes it stand out from your competitors. We also look to build up a profile of your ideal customer, their demographic, their problems and the type of information they’re looking for.

From this feedback we can produce content on your website which mirrors the information your prospective customers look for when they search online. By doing this we can better understand who we’re designing for (your customers) and provide the solution to their problem or need.

Of course, a website should have style and attraction to get noticed but that’s only secondary and we make no apologies for that!

For your website to succeed online, it needs to engage with your visitors, provide a great user experience and offer the ideal solution to their problem.

Once those objectives have been achieved your phone won’t stop ringing.


Benefits of a Responsive Website.


What Makes Our Website Redesign Services So Great.

We redesign beautiful, responsive websites that get you results. Redesigning a Search Engine friendly website takes careful planning and a structured approach to enhance the aims and objectives of your business and the services you provide. Tek Promotions implement a 2 step approach during the development stage of your website.

Step 1. We produce fresh and relevant content for your redesigned website, structured in a way for search engines to understand. We also ensure that the web pages load quickly, easy to navigate and mobile friendly. This will give visitors to your website a positive user experience.

Step 2. We redesign websites with conversion in mind, turning those visitors into customers. We do this through high visible calls to action, noticeable contact details and engaging content. This ensures that your website will work hard for you 24/7.

By the end of the development process your website becomes ready to achieve the following.

•  Attract new customers
•  Grow an email list
•  Encourage more Social Media shares
•  Drive more saleswebsite redesign process
•  Showcase your brand

Our website redesign services includes a Google Analytics tracking code. This allows us to monitor your traffic and find out how your visitors engage with your site.

By doing this we can identify how well your website performs and what improvements we can make to your online strategy.

Why your business needs a responsive website.


We complete our basic web design package within two weeks ,where you will get a high quality, Search Engine friendly website. We begin the process by submitting a mock up of the design before signing up.

Once you like the look and feel of the mock up and provide all of the necessary feedback about your company, customer profile ect, we start the development process.

All of our redesigned websites are optimized for SEO best practices on the WordPress platform. We build SEO very much into our development process. So your website can start climbing the search engine rankings after launch.

After the completion of the development stage, you just need to provide timely revisions. Once we get your final seal of approval the site will go live. Then we submit the website to Google to be indexed.

Not only will you have a website that looks better, but works better as well.

Our website redesign services doesn’t include hosting but we would recommend using the services of Siteground. They offer safe and secure hosting and have an excellent customer services team. Siteground also boast a 99.9% uptime guarantee, giving you complete peace of mind.

Included as standard.

  • Up to 30 existing pages updated
  • 15 High quality stock images
  • Premium WordPress plugins
  • Social media icons
  • Favicons
  • Contact forms
  • Custom design
  • SEO ready,integrated blog, html and XML site map
  • Responsive design (mobile friendly)
  • Up to 2 Revisions


Still not sure if your business needs a website redesign?

One key feature of our web design services is that we can create a mock up of a design for free. There’s no commitment on your part. If you do decide to come on board, we’re currently offering a special offer on our web redesign service for a limited period only.

At the end of the day you’re working around the clock to make your business succeed. Investing in an attractive website revamp that’s SEO optimized and ready to convert could become the best business decision could ever make.

So contact us now and let us redesign a website your business deserves!